WearTech Center Unveils New Exoskeleton Test Bed for Industry & Spotlights Rising Phoenix Weartechpreneurs

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May 4, 2021
AZ Ecosystem
AZ Ecosystem
Exoskeleton testing demonstration at WearTech Center in Phoenix, Arizona

It’s been a busy month for WearTech Applied Research Center. Our weartechprenuers presented at two big events showcasing product development and breakthrough innovations in wearable health and performance technology.

WearTech Center project unveils new test bed and protocols at WearRAcon

On the opening day of the global WearRAcon Virtual conference, co-founders of the Wearable Robotics Association Dr. Joe Hitt, CEO of GoX Labs, and Dr. Tom Sugar, Associate Dean of Barrett, The Honors College, ASU Polytechnic presented their groundbreaking work on exoskeleton testing protocols. The WearTech Center project is developing a first-of-its-kind test bed in Phoenix that will allow producers and consumers to test exoskeletons for their unique uses in the workplace.

Dr. Joe Hitt presents his exoskeleton testing research 

The industry test bed has the potential to cement the Greater Phoenix region as a hub for innovation and development in the rapidly expanding exoskeleton market. 

Weartechpreneurs advise on leveraging Arizona’s innovation ecosystem at PHX Startup Week

PEI’s Director of Applied Research Programs, Kathleen Lee, hosted a panel discussion at PHX Startup Week highlighting the work at WearTech Center and what it takes to become a Weartechpreneur.  Lee was joined by fellow Weartechpreneurs Vicki Mayo, CEO and Founder of The TouchPoint Solution, Patrick Wallain, CEO of ABELMKR, and Josh Hsu, CEO & Founder of Introhm. During the discussion of the innovation market in Arizona, panelists shared their experiences developing their products, finding funding and mentors, and managing growth.

The panel also highlighted how the WearTech Center can accelerate opportunity for companies. When asked about the cross between The TouchPoint Solution and WearTech Center, Vicki Mayo explained the many benefits that come with the partnership, “when you are able to leverage resources like WearTech and state funding, getting products to market is speeded up, and it saves precious capital that you could spend getting other products out to market,” said Vicki. “I think it's amazing that you can pull together these types of cross collaborative teams and leverage partners like WearTech.”

The event offered exclusive insight to the developing innovation ecosystem in Phoenix, and left attendees looking forward to the exciting projects happening right here in Arizona.  “I'm very excited about our ecosystem and how it's becoming so robust and really helping our startups go to scale,” said Kathleen Lee. 

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