Exoskeleton Development and Testing


Inquiry: What if Phoenix became the epicenter of exoskeleton design and production?


Exoskeleton Development and Testing


GoX Labs

Research Partner

Arizona State University

Principle Investigator

Dr. Thomas Sugar

Research Objective:

Develop exoskeletons and testing protocols



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oX Labs is developing a lightweight exoskeleton suit and and specialized sensors to assist in measuring ergonomic factors, reduce workplace injuries and improve productivity, efficiency and quality.  As part of this activity GoX Labs is developing the first of its kind exoskeleton testbed at the WearTech Center.  The research is establishing Arizona as a global hub for wearable technology.

Testing protocols for the vastly expanding exoskeleton market will provide a great service to the industry. GoX Labs has now developed and validated a testing regime that can serve as a product that can be used in a new exoskeleton test bed at the WearTech Center.

Which came first:

The chicken or

The egg-shaped, edible sensor?

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