WearTech Center

WearTech Applied Research Center was created by Partnership for Economic Innovation (PEI) in 2019 to help launch a future-of-health technology ecosystem around Arizona’s thriving biomedical scene.

Located at the new Park Central Phoenix, the center offers an engineering lab and community space for innovation teams bringing disruptive IP to life.

Phoenix boasts


acres of downtown Bioscience

Our process connects
entrepreneurs and industry to world class research teams and resources.

Idea Generation

We’re not investing in tech for tech’s sake; we’re investing in people and ideas positioned to dramatically improve the health and wellness in our Region. Throughout the year our team meets with innovators, scientists and entrepreneurs. We also hold ideation events and tech open houses, building a list of potential projects to join the WearTech Center.

Project Formation

Each WearTech project has three critical elements: a company that can invest at least half of the research budget, (2) a product idea that answers a market demand, and (3) a shared vision of improving our community.

Research Prototyping Validation

WearTech provides assistance at research, prototyping, and validation stages. We assemble capable teams, provide access to resources, and make connections for strategic partnerships.



Every WearTech project is designed to accelerate bringing disruptive healthcare products to market, but we focus on investigations poised to make a transformative impact on healthcare, human performance, and wellness.

Our unique model de-risks
innovation investment

By connecting companies seeking novel technology solutions to leading university research teams and public funding, we shorten the product development timeline and help early-stage companies bridge the typical “valley of death” investment gap.

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