Detecting Alcohol and Drugs in Sweat


Inquiry: What if we can prevent drug overdoses through personalized, real time monitoring?


Sweat sensors


ShareTek & FlexBioTech

Research Partner

Arizona State University

Principle Investigator

Dr. Jennifer Blain Christen

Research Objective:

Build and validate a sweat sensor for alcohol consumption



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hareTek and FlexBio partnered to develop an absorbent patch that can detect the presence of alcohol in sweat. This wearable pairs with software in a smartphone interface to provide real time monitoring and aid with addiction monitoring and recovery. This wearable is designed to be a platform technology that adapts to other chemical sensors, specifically opioids and other narcotics, in future projects.

The sensor has been prototyped and is now being used in human subject testing.

Which came first:

The chicken or

The egg-shaped, edible sensor?

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