Robotic Ankle Assist Device


Inquiry: What if we could immediately assist individuals with walking disabilities?


“SPARK” on-demand robotic ankle assist device



Research Partner

Northern Arizona University

Principle Investigator

Zach Lerner, PhD

Research Objective:

Clinical validation



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illions of people struggle with mobility tasks like walking and standing everyday. Although there is growing research in the field, there are still very few commercially available robotic ankle assistive devices Robotic Ankle Assist Devices (RAADs).

Biomotum is developing an efficient, untethered and easy-to-use RAAD to provide on-demand mobility assistance for individuals with walking disabilities. The Biomotum “SPARK” comes with an intelligent training platform to aid at-home gait training that therapists can use to optimize ankle function with real-time insights. This accessibility will be instrumental in improving the lifestyles of many patients who currently lack care.

Biomotum’s WearTech Center residency will help further develop the technology for use at home and in the community which is critical to wide adoption of this device.

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