Point of Care Blood Ammonia Measurement


Inquiry: What if we could provide patients with better control over ammonia levels and prevent hyperammonemic crises?


iAmmonia App



Research Partner

​​Mayo Clinic and Arizona State University

Principle Investigator

Mary Laura Lind

Research Objective:

Product Development and testing



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equitur, in partnership with Mayo Clinic and Arizona State University, is working to develop a point of care ammonia measurement device, the iAmmonia App. The iAmmonia App when paired with a wearable device (e.g., Apple Watch) will enable patients to check their ammonia status and measurements and also communicate the results to a HIPPA-compliant database for later review by their healthcare provider. The real-time, physiologically signaled use of ammonia-lowering therapies enables physicians to analyze patient data trends and formulate continuous optimization for each patient's individualized ammonia management plan.

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