Brain Health Monitoring Sport Headband


Inquiry: What if we could detect traumatic brain injuries in athletes earlier?


“Hiji®Band” biomarker detecting headband


Movement Interactive

Research Partner

Arizona State University

Principle Investigator

BRAIN Center

Research Objective:

Product development & validation



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oncussions and other traumatic brain injuries are among the most frightening and potentially dangerous injuries in sports. It can be difficult to detect when one has occurred or track repeated injuries, which can lead to untreated brain diseases later in life.

To help combat this, Movement Interactive in partnership with ASU’s BRAIN Center is developing the Hiji®Band, a practical headband-like instrument that monitors objective biomarkers of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). By incorporating a fully configurable, wearable solution that athletes can wear for hours, the Hiji®Band will help to spot TBI’s quickly and prevent further injury.

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