"Vanishing" Electronics


Inquiry: What if biomedical devices were made of food and friendly to the human body?


Edible, digestible sensors


Vantronics, LLC

Research Partner

Arizona State University

Principle Investigator

Dr. Hanqing Jiang

Research Objective:

Product Development



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antronics LLC (a.k.a vanishing electronics) is inventing disruptive sensor technologies. The WearTech Center projects are investigating the implantation of permanent and/or biodegradable devices, as well as ingestible devices that travel through the gastrointestinal (GI) tract and testing the viability of injecting miniaturized and bioresolvable biomedical devices with the wireless charging/sensing capability into the human body.

The biomedical devices are made of food-based materials or other biodegradable materials, which are compatible with the human body. Utilizing fundamental research that has been conducted the applied research projects will develop three products that be taken to market.

Which came first:

The chicken or

The egg-shaped, edible sensor?

Read more WearTech News, this sentence goes onto two lines to engage the reader’s curiosity.

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