Ai-Enabled Stress Reducing Wearables


Inquiry: What if we could harness artificial intelligence to reduce stress?


“BLAST®” Ai-powered wearables


TouchPoint Solutions

Research Partner

Arizona State University

Principle Investigator

Luminosity Lab

Research Objective:

Product development



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nxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in America — affecting around 40 million adults. Despite the vast amount of people suffering from stress and anxiety, far fewer have access to drug-free treatment that reduces symptoms without side effects.

TouchPoint Solutions, in conjunction with ASU Luminosity Lab, is developing a new version of their BLAST® (Bi-Lateral Alternation Stimulation Tactile) wearable device, employing AI algorithms to reduce a user’s anxiety in a closed feedback loop. These devices will be over-the-counter and work to immediately reduce symptoms of stress and improve mental well-being.

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