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ngela Pan is a serial entrepreneur, visionary leader, and businesswoman. Throughout her career, Pan founded and led the growth of multiple successful businesses across different sectors in wearables, Internet of Things (IoT), biotech, and fashion tech. Her expertise has achieved over 100 million in combined sales revenue. Her experience includes technology commercialization, manufacturing and supply chain management, operations, marketing, partnership, and corporate development.

Pan received official recognition and praise for the design and innovation of products she developed and commercialized. Among these awards are the Red Dot Design Awards, IF Design Awards, Good Design Awards, and CES Innovation Awards. Beyond her business experience, Pan has been involved in early-stage tech investment. She was the principal at a corporate venture funded by a leading electronic manufacturer based in Asia. Pan helped and guided startup founders in business formation, technology licensing and commercialization, and joint venture. Additionally, she has helped the company succeed in business strategy and roadmap, brand and distribution strategy, business operations, and product design. Pan has also helped startups to secure strategic partnerships with large corporations like Google and Amazon.

The expectations and barriers of female businesswoman has done little to stop Pan, who has paved her name in the business industry with her determination and excellent leadership. By taking time to understand the technology field in its entirety and adding a human perspective to the mix, she has prepared herself for success in the industry. Outside of work, Pan supports the next generation of women entrepreneurs through coaching and mentorship. Pan is also on the board of Asia America MultiTechnology Association, which dedicates to the Asian American high-tech community, and a featured contributor at Forbes.


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