Stephanie Tomlin

Partnership for Economic Innovation


s Director of Marketing for Partnership for Economic Innovation (PEI), Stephanie Tomlin leads the development of strategic creative, communications and brand experiences for WearTech Applied Research Center and other PEI initiatives.

Stephanie joins PEI after an 11-year background architecting cross-platform campaigns for brands like Sony Pictures, HBO, Riot Games and Disney Parks, where her experience runs the gamut from copywriting to content strategy to feature animation production.

A believer in Arthur C. Clarke’s third law—“any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”—Stephanie seeks to inspire and instigate a unique culture of innovation in Phoenix through her work at PEI. An aggressive newcomer to the sport of mountain biking, when she’s not in the virtual office Stephanie can be found shredding Phoenix Mountain Preserve or Hawes and racking up her personal wish list of wearable innovations that can withstand the Arizona test.


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