Transforming Healthcare with Wearable Solutions


Our Mission

Our mission is to partner with industry experts to develop wearable technology solutions that improve quality of life and human performance.

Taking Action

In response to industry needs and challenges, WearTech builds project teams of multi-disciplined engineers, business and legal professionals, and regulatory and policy experts.

We are intentionally collaborating with regional partners to adopt and scale solutions that transform Greater Phoenix and support core regional goals.

The WearTech Ecosystem
WearTech Innovators
GoX Labs​

GoX Labs is developing a lightweight exoskeleton suit to reduce workplace injuries and improve productivity, efficiency and quality.  As part of this activity GoX Labs is developing the first of its kind exoskeleton testbed at WearTech.  The research into developing standards for testing exoskeletons is establishing Arizona as a global hub for wearable technology.​

Hoolest PT

Hoolest Performance Technologies is developing drug free technologies to reduce anxiety and enhance human performance. Hoolest has developed a non-invasive electrical nerve stimulation device for the purpose of providing immediate symptomatic relief of anxiety attacks.

LevelUp Project

The LevelUp project is a joint venture between Congnionics Systems, Opti Brain and the WearTech to develop a hardware and software tool using neurofeedback to enhance performance.  The product foundation consists of an EEG headband, analytic software and focus-training applications.​


Vantronics LLC is an Arizona company that aims to revolutionize bioimplant devices through edible and biodegradable electronics, supported by patented technologies in materials, processing and wireless charging innovations. ​

True Mobile Health

TrueMobileHealth and FlexBio partnered to develop an absorbent patch that can detect the presence of alcohol in sweat. This wearable pairs with software in a smartphone interface to provide real time monitoring and aid with addiction monitoring and recovery. This wearable is designed to be a platform technology that adapts to other chemical sensors, specifically opioids, in future projects. 

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Research & Development

Wearable technologies are integral to the future healthcare industry. Arizona has nationally ranked research and clinical institutions, electronics and biomedical engineering expertise, and a diverse talent pool.

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Come partner with us to produce solutions that transform healthcare.


Getting Involved

Industry Partners

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About Us

WearTech Applied Research is a collaborative enterprise established by the Partnership for Economic Innovation. 


3110 North Central Avenue Suite 151B

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WearTech is getting a new look in the coming weeks! We'll be launching a new website and more content to take you inside of Arizona innovation development. In the meantime, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Upcoming Events
  • WearTech Virtual Open House
    Dec 08, 2020, 3:00 PM – 4:30 PM MST
    Join us for a behind-the-scenes peek at wearable health innovation in action, from emerging tech demos to an innovator happy hour!

3110 North Central Ave, 

Ste 151B

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